Automatic translation is only available for WPML 4.3 or later, with WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) and WPML’s Translation Management.

Automatic translation in the editor

When you’re editing any content in WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor, click on the Translate Automatically button at the top.

Translate automatically button in WPML
Click here to begin automatic translation of your content.

WPML will automatically translate all the sentences in the job that haven’t been “edited”. If you’ve already translated or started editing a sentence, WPML will not overwrite your work with automatic translation.

Automatically translated content in WPML
Your automatic translation appear in the right-hand column.

Now we recommend that you give the automatic translation a quick review. If you find anything that you’d like to improve, edit it. When you’re done, click Finish.

Congratulations! You’ve translated your content in a fraction of the time.

Note that you’ll need an automatic translation subscription in place before you begin.

Bulk automatic translation for groups of pages

You can translate jobs automatically without having to go through WPML’s translation editor every time. This is convenient when you want to automatically translate a large number of pages that don’t need reviewing.

Go to the WPML -> Translation Management page and click the Translation Tools tab.

Bulk automatic translation in WPML
Select all the jobs you want to send for automatic translation in one go.

You’ll see a list of jobs that you’ve sent to translation. You can select any document(s) that you want and translate them automatically in one go.