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March 2, 2023

With DeepL, you can get fast, affordable machine translation without sacrificing quality. You can easily use it to translate your WordPress site but you will need a plugin to connect it.

Need to build a multilingual site, but working with a small timeline or budget? Machine translation services have come a long way from their start generating literal, clunky translations. Today, the leader of the pack is DeepL which produces natural, human-sounding translations with ease.

Why Use DeepL to Translate Your Site?

DeepL offers the most accurate machine translation available today thanks to:

  • Advanced technology – DeepL uses AI innovations and neural networks to detect nuance and provide world-class translations.
  • Proven accuracy – In blind tests, DeepL outperforms competitors 3 to 1 in terms of translation quality.
  • Choose your level of formality – Fine-tune your translations to match the tone you want to convey on your site.

How to Use DeepL on a WordPress Site

DeepL doesn’t offer a direct integration with WordPress sites, so you need a translation plugin that can help you harness its translating power.

In other words, you need a WordPress plugin to “talk” to DeepL, send your content to it for translation, and receive it back. Finally, this plugin then needs to automatically publish the translation on your site.

As the leading plugin for translating WordPress sites, WPML is the recommended solution. It uses DeepL as the default engine for automatic translation which is also the preferred engine among WPML clients. With WPML, you can use DeepL to translate:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Other custom post types
  • Taxonomy
  • WooCommerce products

…and more!

Besides DeepL’s advanced technology and formality settings, WPML adds more great features for automatic translation:

  • Glossary – Keep translations consistent across your site by defining specific terms and translations.
  • Translation memory – WPML remembers content you’ve translated before so you never pay for the same translation twice.
  • Human review – If needed, you can perfect your translations with a quick review by a professional.
  • Advanced Translation Editor – WPML’s side-by-side editor makes it easy to edit translations.

How Much Does it Cost to Translate with DeepL and WPML?

Automatic translation with WPML is free for the majority of sites because you get a package of credits for free when you purchase WPML. It’s enough to translate:

  • 45,000 words with a WPML Multilingual CMS account (90,000 credits)
  • 90,000 words with a WPML Agency account (180,000 credits)

Need more credits? WPML offers two convenient payment options. No matter which option you choose, you’ll never pay more than a fraction of a US cent per translated word.


Translate now, pay at the end of the month

Lowest cost per word

First 2,000 credits each month are free

Prepaid credits

Buy once and manually add credits to your sites

Credits never expire

Assign credits to any registered site

How to Translate Your WordPress Site Using DeepL and WPML

Because DeepL is already WPML’s default translation engine, you only need to decide how you want to translate your site.

Translate Your Whole Site Automatically

WPML can instantly translate your whole site using DeepL, and keep those translations up to date as you publish or edit content.

To enable Translate Everything Automatically mode, select it in the setup wizard or in WPML Settings. Then sit back as WPML and DeepL do the translating for you!

Enabling Translate Everything mode in WPML’s settings

Translate Specific Pages or Posts

If you only want to translate a few key pages, you can have them translated automatically with DeepL from the Translation Management Dashboard. Read more about translating multiple pages or posts automatically.

Translating specific pages automatically in bulk

Translate Individual Posts or Sentences

Give your site translator a boost by letting DeepL and WPML create a “first draft” translation in the Advanced Translation Editor. All that’s left to do is a quick review to make sure everything sounds great.

Translating automatically in the Advanced Translation Editor

Not Sure If Automatic Translation is Right for You?

Read more about WPML’s automatic translation, or contact our team for guidance!

You can also read more about the other two translation engines WPML offers: Google Translate and Microsoft Azure Translator.