WPML allows you to translate and synchronize your site’s menus across all languages, but this requires some action on your part.

Manual translation of menus

To manually translate menus, go to the Appearance -> Menu page and select the menu you wish to translate. Then, click on the “+” icon for any of the available languages. You will be creating a new menu that will automatically be linked to the chosen language.

Starting a manual translation of menus Creating a menu in another language

Automatic menu synchronization

WPML can also automatically keep your menus synchronized across all languages. This means that it can track the changes you make in one language and help you apply the same changes to all other languages.

What to do Screenshot
1. Go to the WPML -> WP Menus Sync page, where you will see a summary.
This is basically a list of changes in your menus that WPML found and will synchronize.Click on the Sync button at the bottom of the page.
2. Review the list of changes presented by WPML, select the one you want to apply, and click on the Apply changes button.  
3. Review the results and then click on the link at the bottom of the page in order to translate the menu strings that were synchronized.  
4. You will be taken to the String Translation page and the related menu strings will be displayed automatically.  

You can now either translate the menu strings manually or send them to be translated by others, as explained in the previous section.

For more information, visit the page about translating menus.