To send documents to professional translation, first you need to activate a translation service and follow the set-up instructions for it.

Then, there are two options for sending contents for translation:

  • The translation dashboard – provides an overview of the translation status of all contents your site.
  • Translation controls from each edit screen.

Using the translation dashboard

Professional translation controls in WPML

Professional translation controls in WPML

The translation dashboard shows the translation status of any document in your site.

To send documents to translation, click on the checkbox next to them.

The bottom of the table provides a cost calculation, showing the cost of translating the documents you’ve selected.

Then, choose which languages to translate to and click on Add to translation basket. From there you can send the basket items to translation.

Adding notes for translation

You can click on the ‘+’ sign next to each document in the notes column to add a note to the translators.

These notes are useful for giving specific instructions per document.

Communicating with the translators

Available only for the ICanLocalize translation service. When documents are being translated, you can view their progress and chat with the translator. Click on the translation status (which becomes a link). You’ll see the name of the translator and the current translation status. Click again on the translator to open a chat.