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Developers often need to build custom functionality that works with multilingual websites. This page provides information on creating such custom websites that work with the WPML plugin.

Your WordPress theme or plugin can become compatible with WPML. This tutorial teaches you how to make your code fully multilingual-ready.
Building custom multilingual sites requires creating custom content beyond just posts and pages. Learn how you can easily set-up custom post types, custom fields, and taxonomy and display them on your site with no programming.
You can easily translate sites built with Advanced Custom Fields plugin. After configuring the translation option for ACF’s fields, you can translate them, including the repeater fields.
A custom field lets you add one piece of information to a post, page or custom post type. A repeatable fields group lets you add lists of information. Using repeatable field groups makes it easier to manage the site’s content and with WPML you can apply this to multilingual sites.
If you run into any compatibility issues between your theme and WPML, this page explains the steps to make sure your theme is compatible. It also provides additional information and answers to frequently asked questions.
WPML Coding API provides you with filters, action hooks, shortcodes and language constants. They allow you to build custom functionalities and provide correct multilingual support for your theme or a plugin.