Originally written
July 2, 2018
October 29, 2019

Types and Views plugins make it easy to add custom content to multilingual WordPress sites, powered by WPML. You’ll be able to set-up custom post types, custom fields and taxonomy and display them anywhere in the site with no programming.

When you’re building WordPress sites that have more than just posts and pages, you need Toolset. WPML team is happy to offer a Lite version of Toolset, which includes the full Types plugin and simplified Views.

Flexible Content Types and Fields

Types handles all your needs for custom post types, fields and taxonomy. It allows you to create repeatable field groups and connect posts as one-to-many and many-to-many.

No configuration is needed to translate content that you create with Types. Types communicates directly with WPML and allows you to translate everything through WPML’s translation controls.

A Powerful Query Builder

Views is the most powerful query builder available for WordPress. It allows choosing which content to display, how to display, and where.

Views Lite is a simplified version of Views, which allows designing templates, archives, and display custom queries. With Views Lite, you can display any kind of custom content, anywhere on the site, without writing any PHP.

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Complementary for WPML Clients
Pro Supportyesyes
Updated Documentationyesyes

Custom Fields

Post Fieldsyesyes
Taxonomy Fieldsyesyes
User Fieldsyesyes
Manage with Admin UIyesyes
Dependent displayyesyes
Advanced Fields Typesyesyes
Repeating Fieldsyesyes
Repeatable field groupsyesyes
Customizer Integrationyesyes

Custom Content Types

Define new post typesyesyes
Manage with admin UIyesyes
Post relationshipsyesyes
Many-to-many relationshipsyesyes

Custom Taxonomies

Create new taxonomiesyesyes
Manage with admin UIyesyes


Publish Postsyesno
Edit Postsyesno
Register Usersyesno
Edit Usersyesno
Customise form markupyesno
Payment with Formsyesno


Custom templates for postsyesyes
Custom templates for archivesyesyes
Design with page buildersyesyes
WooCommerce product templateyesno
WooCommerce shop templatesyesno

Dynamic Content

Custom lists of postsyesyes
Custom lists of taxonomy termsyesyes
Custom lists of usersyesyes
Filter by fields & taxonomiesyesyes
Front-end sorting controlsyesno
Infinite Scrollyesno
Different output formatsyesyes
Sortable tableyesyes
Display posts on mapsyesno
Custom front-end searchyesno
Front-end filters with ajaxyesno
Support for post relationshipsyesno

User Management

Manage/create user rolesyesno
Limit content visibility by roleyesno


Transfer settings between sitesyesyes
Support post relationships from CSVyesyes
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Complementary for WPML Clients