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June 6, 2018

After you configure WPML’s languages, WPML offers you to add a credit footer to your site. This footer tells the world that your site is running multilingual thanks to WPML.

You can find this option on the WPML -> Languages page, under the WPML love section.

To turn this footer on or off, go to WPML->Languages. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a check-box for WPML’s credit footer.

You can also style the credit footer to better match your site’s appearance. The credit footer is wrapped in:

<div id="wpml_credit_footer">

You can easily style it by adding the CSS attributes to your theme. Add something like:

#wpml_credit_footer {
  font-size: UP_TO_YOU;

So, we’d really appreciate it if you keep WPML’s credit footer and we totally understand if you turn it off.

And, if you’d like to get a link back to your own site, you can always add it to our showcase.

14 Responses to “WPML’s Credit Footer”

  1. I am a great fan of WPML and use it on various websites. I have disabled the credit_footer as it ended up on a trsange place under the left menu. But I have given WPML due credit in the footer.
    Perhaps an idea to allow for insertion there rather than in the page or sidebar template?

    • Technically, how would you like WPML to ask you where to add that credit footer? We’re certainly open to ideas on how to improve this.

      Right now, WPML just adds it to the standard WordPress footer filter.

      • Thanks Amir for a quick reply. I think I would favour the option that WordPress does as well as template builders ie in the footer php (see the website Stichting Matata). Than the admin can modify it. Now I just found it on the site, had to search for info on your site (which worked perfect btw) and then unselect an option. Rather cumbersome.

  2. hi amir,
    i respect your request for credit, however, i wish to reference it through a pretty link so i can how often it is selected. how do i change your link to my “affiliate style” link?

  3. Hi,

    I understand now why the feature described in this post below won’t be implemented. It is however unfortunate because it would make WPML much more useful. It is unfortunate WPML is dependent on translation money, as it blocks its development into a really useful open source project. This is a classic example of conflict of interests that halt progress…

    My recommandation would be to make a hack available because professional translation would always be needed anyway for those who want it… Providing an API to at least prepare the post for translation in all languages via one’s chosen method (google translate, babel fish API) would be nice.

    here s the post i was referring to:

    2. In order to facilitate the manual translation in the backend, is it possible to add the possibility to get a machine translation through Google Translate directly in the post/page? In this way, the translator will need only to correct/edit the rough machine translation. This is only for facilitating the translator’s work, not a frontend translation of the site.

    WPML guru

    #2 is not going to be implemented though.

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for this wonderful product! 🙂 Your plugin is realy great, and I realy wish to give you the credit on my site.
    I suggest only to change the part of text in your credit: instead of the phrase “Translated” maybe is better “Multilingual is running” (or something like that), owing to interpreters of texts themself.


  5. A good idea for the credit footer would be to post the affiliate link there… this way you get the link to your site… and users get the benefits of the affiliate commision…

    • Sure. In the meanwhile, until we add this to WPML’s code, you can get your affiliate link and affiliate banners from your WPML account. Login and click on the ‘affiliate’ heading.

  6. Thank you Amir. Thank you guys. I will definitely leave the credit in the bottom, because I appreciate you and your work to make a proper WP translation possible.

  7. I have a wordpress theme in english and want it to translate in french, I was wondering is wpml does that automaticly or is this just a tool that help you translate?

    Same for a french blog with some articles, I want them in english too , so does this plugin translate articles automaticly?

    thank you