WPML can download translations for WordPress core, saving you the time of locating the translation files, downloading and saving them in your site.

Before you get started, remember that auto-translation-download works using WPML’s String Translation module. To use it, first activate the String Translation.

To enable this feature, go to WPML->Theme and plugins localization.

WordPress core translation downloader

Enable the option to let WPML automatically download translations for WordPress.

The table tells you what translation set is currently installed and which one is available. Click on the button to ‘review changes and download’ to get the new translations.

WPML shows you the translations that will update and those that will be added. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the Proceed button. The translations are added to WPML’s String Translation and will work on your site.


1. You need to click on the ‘review changes and update’ button for each language individually.

2. This translation auto-downloader only gets translations for WordPress itself. To get translations for your theme and plugins, check with the theme and plugin authors.