WPML allows you to translate contents of different theme options, like sliders, footer, and widgets.

Strings coming from these theme options sometimes do not appear for translation automatically.

This is why you first need to check if any of those strings are set by the theme’s WPML XML config file. Go to WPML>Translation Management->Multilingual Content Setup page and look under the Admin Strings to Translate section.

Theme slider

Theme slider

Translation Management

Multilingual Content Setup

On this page, you may find that a whole section is missing or strings that you are looking for are not there.

In that case, you need to find the options first, make them translatable and then translate them.

Finding the theme options and making them translatable

To make the theme options translatable go to the WPML->String Translation page and click the Translate texts in admin screens option.

String Translation

On this page, you have to find the right option. Usually, theme options are listed somewhere below theme_mods_{themename}.

The following image shows an example, where we looked for the WP Real Estate Pro theme’s options and found them under WP Pro Real Estate 6_options.

String Translation

Theme options are presented in a tree view and inside, we found the sliders stored under the name ct_flex_slider. We checked all slide titles to make them translatable.

String Translation

Translating the theme options

Now that the theme options are marked as translatable, they appear on the WPML->String Translation page. You translate them just like any other strings.

String Translation

The following image shows our slides on the front-end after we translated all the slide title strings.

[Spanish] wpprorealestate6&wpml 2015-07-24 16-30-55

Other types of theme options

Besides slides, you can use this approach for translating any other theme options.

For example, custom Widgets are usually found under options named similar to widget_{widget_name}.