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October 11, 2021

This guide teaches how to use All in One SEO (AIOSEO) Pack Pro and WPML to achieve multilingual SEO. You will learn how to optimize individual posts and pages and control site-wide settings – in the site’s different languages.

Getting Started

Start by installing and activating the following:

If you’re new to WPML, check out our Getting Started Guide. It quickly walks you through all the translation options you can use.

One of these options is Translate Everything – the quickest way to translate and the easiest way to keep your content up to date. This feature automatically translates pages, posts, custom post types, custom fields, taxonomies, WooCommerce products, and more as you add and edit content.

Translating the Title, Description, and Keywords

After you’ve set up the SEO options for the original page, translating them is simple.

If you have Translate Everything turned on, these elements – along with any of the page’s content – will be automatically translated. If you don’t have Translate Everything switched on, here’s how to do it manually.

  1. In the post or page editing screen, click the plus button in the WPML language box according to the language you want to translate into.
Clicking the plus button from the original language
Clicking the plus icon from the original language
  1. You’ll be taken to the Advanced Translation Editor page where you can choose to have your content automatically translated.
  2. When you’ve checked and are happy with all the translations, click on Complete.

Using All in One SEO, WooCommerce and WPML

If you do not see the metabox on your product editing pages, you must activate it. To activate, go to All in One SEOGeneral Settings, and in the Content Type Settings section select Products.

A new metabox has been added to the products’ editing pages, allowing the user to customize the product search engine settings.

The user can translate the product meta title and description directly from the products page by clicking the plus icon in the language panel.

Known Issues

WPML works fine with this plugin, but sometimes there could be minor issues we're working on. This is expected as both plugins provide frequent updates.

Current issues:

Getting Help From Our Support

In case you need help translating your site built using All in One SEO Pack Pro and WPML, visit WPML’s support forum.