Create a fully multilingual e-commerce site for selling digital products with Easy Digital Downloads and WPML. This makes products and stores translatable, lets your visitors quickly and easily switch languages and order products in their own language. Follow this tutorial to find out how you can do it.

Getting Started

To get started you’ll need to install some plugins:

Translating Pages

After enabling all the plugins, make sure you have a permalink scheme selected other than the default one (Settings >> Permalinks) and go through WPML setup wizard. Now you’re ready to start adding translations. Go to the Page administration screen and click the edit button under the checkout page. You’ll see the [download_checkout] shortcode. Every EDD page includes a shortcode. This must be in the translated pages too. In the right sidebar, where it says “translate yourself”, click on the + icon to translate the page. If you are translating the checkout page, for example, the dropdown ought to say “checkout”.

Translating pages

In the content box input the [download_checkout] shortcode. Click on publish button. The checkout page will now appear in your chosen language! Now you’ve got to do the same with the Checkout Confirmation and Purchase History pages. If the page has a shortcode, make sure you copy it to the translation.

Translating Product Categories

When you edit a category in the default language, you will see links near the bottom of the page to add translations for other languages. Its better to translate the categories before the products because that way the translated categories are automatically picked up in the translated products.

Translating product categories

Translating Products

The procedure for translating products its the same one as for translating pages. Use the + icon to add translations to other languages of your products. When you add a new translation for the product you will only need to fill in the translatable fields (title, description and product notes). The others will be copied from the original product when you save.

Translating products

WPML will automatically synchronize the non-text attributes of products. This includes the cost, weight dimensions and other features that don’t require translation. If you want, you can enter the same names in different languages.

Translating General Texts

In Downloads -> Settings -> Misc there are several Texts that you can personalize like ‘Add to Cart’ or the ‘Terms & Conditions’. First define these texts in the default language and then use WPML’s ‘String Translation’ plugin to translate them. Go to WPML >> String Translation and select the context ‘admin_texts_plugin_EDD-multilingual’ to actually translate the texts.

Translating general texts

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