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WPML All Import – Multilingual Content Import for WordPress

The WPML All Import add-on simplifies importing multilingual content. Compatible with WP All Import and WP All Import Pro, it lets you import XML or CSV files for each language directly through the WP All Import drag-and-drop interface.

WPML All Import is a Legacy Plugin

Check out WPML Export and Import, our new plugin for exporting and importing multilingual content. It’s easier and faster to use, and works perfectly with WP All Import.

Key Features of WPML All Import

Import posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, media, and custom fields in multiple languages

 Import simple and variable WooCommerce products in different languages, including those with custom prices in other currencies

 Use any XML, CSV, or spreadsheet to seamlessly import multilingual content to WordPress

On This Page:

Required Plugins

Start by installing and activating the following plugins:

  • WP All Import 
  • WPML and WPML String Translation 
  • WPML All Import

To import WooCommerce products, you will also need:

How to Import Content in Multiple Languages

To import multilingual content, you need to follow a specific workflow. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Create separate files for content in each language and save them as CSV or XML files. Add a Unique Identifier column in each of your spreadsheets to link the posts in the default language with their translations.
  2. Import your file containing taxonomies in the default language.
  3. Individually import each file containing taxonomies in the secondary language.
  4. Import your file containing posts in the default language.
  5. Repeat the import process for files containing posts in the secondary language. Make sure to define the file that contains the default language content you already imported as the parent of these imports.

Continue reading the full guide to importing content in multiple languages.

How to Import Content in One Language and Translate with WPML

You have the option to import content in one language (the default language), and then translate it with WPML. To do this:

  1. Import the file containing content in your site’s default language by following the WP All Import documentation.
  2. Use WPML’s Translation Management to translate the imported content into any number of languages.

Get Started with WPML

Importing multilingual content using WP All Import and WPML requires WPML’s Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency plan. 

With these plans, you gain access to all of WPML’s powerful add-ons at no extra cost, including WPML All Import, WPML Export and Import, and more.

For more details and to compare plans, visit our pricing page.

Support & Help

Having trouble with using WPML All Import? Visit our Known Issues and Solutions page for answers.

If you need further help, please open a support ticket and our team will be happy to assist you.

June 11, 2024