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February 8, 2024

WPML lets you upload different media content into your ACF Image and File custom fields for different languages on your site. Depending on the translation option you select for your field group, you can do this manually or by using the WPML Media Translation add-on.

As an example, let’s say you have a lifestyle blog that features various recipes and you want to showcase a popular cocktail. With WPML, you can upload different images that align with the cultural tastes of each audience. Additionally, you can provide different recipe files with ingredients and methods that meet local preferences.

English (Default language) Version

French Translation

The approach you take depends on whether you select the Same fields across languages or Different fields across languages translation option for your ACF field group.

Same fields across languages

When you select the Same fields across languages option for your ACF field group, you can use WPML’s Media Translation to use different files and images across languages. This requires you to install and activate the WPML Media Translation add-on on your site.

With the Same fields across languages translation option, you can translate your post content and the attached custom fields using automatic translation and the Advanced Translation Editor.

As a result, you should never try to upload different images or files manually using the WordPress editor. If you do, your edits will be lost the next time you send the content for an update through Translation Management.

Once you translate your content:

  1.  Go to WPML → Media Translation and click the pencil icon next to the image or file you want to change in your secondary language.
Clicking the pencil icon next to the image you want to translate
  1. Upload the image or file in your secondary language and click the Save media translation button.
Uploading the image for your translation

Now, when you view your default language post and its translation on the front-end, each language version will display the respective images or files.

Learn more about translating images with the WPML Media Translation plugin.

Different fields across languages

If your group uses Different fields across languages you’ll need to manually translate your content using the WordPress editor.

In this case, you can upload different files or images to your Media Library and insert them while manually translating your post.

Adding a different image to the page translation

After saving your changes, both the default and secondary language posts will display the respective images and files, visible on both the backend and front-end of your site.