The 3.8.0 release of WPML introduces a new feature called End-users Accounts. These accounts are meant for the owners and users of the sites that you, as a developer, create for them. The main purpose of this feature is to enable WPML support help these users to translate their site’s content.

What end-users get

Since this feature is for helping end-users with translating their sites, they get some important things from the WPML team:

  • User guides tailored for their site, based on the used themes and plugins. This includes documentation pages written specifically for end-users, avoiding any technical information that they do not need and could potentially only confuse them.
  • A separate support forum to help them with any questions and problems related to translating their content.

What developers get

There are multiple things that site developers get from this feature:

  • WPML team takes the load of supporting any issue related to site translations. This allows you to focus on the development process and support, while letting us help your clients with the process of translating their content using WPML.
  • If WPML supporters notice any technical issue related to how WPML is set up and running on the site, they will escalate it to you directly.
  • Your WPML account is linked to all the related end-user accounts and you can see them from the related account page on
  • This feature is available to all owners of the WPML license at no extra cost.