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December 3, 2020

WPML and WCML use cron jobs to run some tasks automatically. A list of these jobs is available in this article.

The following is a list of cron jobs run by WPML and WCML. We don’t recommend removing any of these, as they may be important to functions that you are using.

Callback functionDescription
wpml_tm_check_overdue_jobs_eventChecks and sends an email notification when there is an overdue translation job.
wpml_tm_send_summary_reportSends a daily or weekly translation report of translation statuses.
update_wpml_config_indexUpdates the WPML config index so that you benefit from the latest versions of plugin and theme configurations.
wpml_tf_synchronize_ratings_eventRelated to translation feedback function with professional translation.
otgs_send_components_dataSends a list of active plugins and themes to WPML servers.
otgs_send_components_data_on_product_registrationSame as otgs_send_components_data, but it runs only once after the site key is updated.
publish_future_postWhen translating a post or product that is scheduled to be published in the future, WPML sets the same schedule for the translation (if the corresponding setting is enabled).
wcml_exchange_rates_updateUpdates the currency exchange rates from the selected service when WCML multicurrency settings are enabled.