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September 17, 2020

Translation Management is a WPML add-on which allows working with a team of translators or translation services. Also, it allows you to translate content designed using the new WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg project).

Watch the following short video to see how fast and easy it is to translate pages using WPML’s translation management features:

Setting up translators

After you activate the Translation Management plugin, WPML will guide you through a quick setup wizard. The wizard will help you choose who will translate your site and which translation editor to use.

You can choose to translate your site with

You and your local translators can even use automatic translation to save lots of time.

Translating your content

Once you’re done with the setup, you will see the Translation Dashboard. From here, you can send content for translation.

Translating pages, posts, and custom post types

The Translation Dashboard screen includes sections for content filter, content list, and translation controls.

Sending pages for translation using Translation Management Dashboard
Sending pages for translation using Translation Management Dashboard

To translate a page, post, or post type:

  1. Use the filter to choose which content to show in the list.
  2. Select content that needs to be translated from the list.
  3. Choose which languages to translate into (or duplicate).
  4. Add to the translation basket.

You can repeat this process several times before actually sending the content for translation. In this way, you can collect content from different parts of the site and send it for translation in one batch.

When you have finished adding content to the basket, click on the Translation Basket tab. This is similar to the checkout step on eCommerce sites.

Translation Basket
Translation Basket

Review the content you are sending for translation, choose who will translate (if a language has several translation options), give the batch a name, set a deadline, and then send for translation.

To get an estimate of how much content you are sending for translation, use the WPML’s website word count tool.

Translating Strings

You will usually send content that needs to be translated from the Translation Dashboard. However, sometimes you need to translate texts that do not belong to any specific page. For example, you may need to translate widget titles or the site’s tagline.

To do this, use WPML’s String Translation.

Sending strings for translation
Sending strings for translation

Translating Media

Some of your content will include images and other media. For example, you can have pages with screenshots or attached PDF documents.

Normally, translated content will include the exact same media as the original content. You can use WPML Media Translation add-on to set different media for translations.

WPML Media Translation Dashboard
WPML Media Translation Dashboard

How to check the status of translation jobs

You can see the status of jobs that you have sent for translation in two places. The Translation Dashboard shows status icons next to each document.

Translation status icons in the Translation Management Dashboard
Translation status icons in the Translation Management Dashboard
Icon Translation status
The content is not yet translated
The content is already translated and the translation is up-to-date
The content is translated, but the translation needs updating
The translation is in progress or incomplete
This icon is displayed only for translation jobs done by local translator. If it is shown it means that translator has not yet started to work on this translation job.
The content of the translated post is duplicated from the default language.

Hover over these icons to see their meaning.

Depending if you have already sent the page for the translation you will see one or two Actions icons:

  1. You can attach a Note for the translators into the text field by clicking on the icon marked with the plus sign. A note is then entered into a text field.
  2. The Check status and get translations icon is displayed when the translation job by a remote translator is in-progress.
Available Actions
Available Actions

For more details, go to the WPML Translation Management page and click the Translation Jobs. There you will see a list of all the jobs. You can cancel jobs that you have sent and are not yet under translation.