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Translating Your Contents

Your translation options

WPML includes three options for translating:

Manually creating posts and pages in other languages
Create translations as new posts or pages using the standard WordPress editor.
Using the Translation Management module
Control who’s translating what and give your translators better tools.
Professional translation by a translation service
Select your translation vendor and streamline the translation process.

Additional translation tools

Using desktop CAT tools
Let your translators use their own CAT tools using WPML’s XLIFF interface.

Displaying Untranslated Content

By default, WPML will only display content that appears in each language. To display the same content in different languages, use WPML’s Content Duplication controls.

Controlling Editing Privileges Per Language

Toolset Access plugin allows to control WordPress editing privileges by language. You will be able to enable editing and publishing to roles and specific users for different languages. Using this, you can create your own translation workflows and turn users into editors for specific languages. WPML clients will receive complementary accounts for Access, to use it without additional cost. For instructions, read how to use Access to create editors for specific languages.