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March 30, 2023

Professional translators typically work at least twice as fast as non-professionals. They use advanced tools and have years of experience. Professional translation always costs less and works better than translating by yourself.

Benefits of Using a Translation Service

Using a professional translation service provides an array of benefits.

Translations of the Highest Quality

Translation services use expert translators. They approach your content as a whole, within its correct context. This means your content’s “voice” is consistent throughout. They also understand the nature and culture of the language they’re translating into. This way, translations sound natural to the native-speaking audience you are translating for.

Streamlined Workflow

Thanks to WPML’s integration with translation services, you send content for translation directly from your site’s admin. You decide what gets translated and when. And when the translations are ready, they are automatically pulled back into the site.

You Can Choose a Service that Specializes in Your Industry

Your content may require special expertise from the translators. For example, not everyone can translate legal or highly technical pages. In such cases, all you need to do is find a translation service that specializes in your industry.

Speed and Deadlines

Professional translators are good at estimating how much time the translation will take. They’re also good at sticking to deadlines.

How to Choose the Best Translation Service for Your Website

Take a look at the list of Partner Translation Services. This list is also available on the Translation Services tab, located on the WPML → Translation Management page on your site. These translation services are closely integrated with WPML and welcome clients running WordPress sites of any size. You can use them for large corporate sites, as well as small sites and blogs.

If you can’t find your preferred translation service in the directory, you can direct them to our documentation about signing up for Translation Hub. Once they are integrated with WPML, you’ll be able to configure your site to start sending and receiving translation jobs.

You will not need to give professional translators access to your WordPress website nor will they see the WPML translation editor.

When you send content for translation, WPML creates a file and sends it to translators to edit in separate software. They will be able to see the URL and preview the content for context. When they have finished, WPML will ensure you receive the translation.