Originally written
June 4, 2018
September 12, 2019

WPML offers you several tools that your translators can use. Besides these options, you can also use one of the translation services that are integrated with WPML.

WPML’s standard Translation EditorWPML’s advanced Translation EditorCAT tools
ScreenshotWPML Standard Translation EditorWPML Advanced Translation EditorSDL Trados translation software
DescriptionThis translation editor is built into WPML and is included with WPML Translation ManagementThis translation editor is integrated with WPML and can be activated when configuring Translation ManagementThese are offline editors that your translators can use on their own using WPML’s XLIFF interface
Side-by-side translation Yes Yes
Support for all WordPress content types Yes Yes
Translation memory No Yes
Glossary management No Yes
Machine translationNo Yes
Spell checker No Yes
Visual editing for HTML tags No Yes

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