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Overview of the issue

We recommend translating WordPress sites created with Divi theme using either the Advanced Translation Editor or Classic Translation Editor.

If you need to translate your project manually, please note you cannot do so using the Divi Back-end Builder if you have formatted your URL to use A different domain per language. Instead, you will notice that it works fine on the default language, but it gets stuck in an infinite loop for secondary languages.


Please edit your translations with Divi Visual Builder as a workaround.

7 Responses to “"A different domain per language" URL configuration conflicts with the Divi Back-end Builder”

  1. Please fix this issue…

    I have to change the URL to the other domains everytime I have to edit the other languages.

  2. Hi there.

    Any update here? It’s been ongoing for a couple of years now.

    Does that workaround help if you’re trying to flip back and forth between languages? It doesn’t seem to for us.

    Thank you


    • Hello Simon,
      Yes, the workaround should work if you are translating your project manually. If it does not help, please open a ticket in our support forum so we can help you better.

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