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There is an issue that prevents a field group you create using the ACF plugin to display on the post editing screen.

This happens when you set the display rule to display when post is {exact post title} under the secondary language (selected via the top Admin Bar language switcher).

The field group won’t show on the post editing screen of the default language nor any secondary languages.


  1. Go to the field group editing screen.
  2. Switch to the default language using the top Admin Bar language switcher.
  3. Set the display location to Show this field group ifPost is equal to {Default post type title}

5 Responses to “ACF – Field group doesn’t show on the post editing screen”

  1. I’d like to include my custom fields by PHP code, not via the backend interface. Doing that, I encounter the same problem that my custom fields won’t appear. Any workaround for that?


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