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Resolved in: 1.9.0

Overview of the issue

If you are using Advanced Custom Fields and you set a custom field to Copy Once, the original custom field will continue to be copied over whenever the translation is empty.


If your ACF template file just prints the value of your custom field, such as:

echo get_field('field_name')

Add   instead of a blank space in your empty custom field.

If you are using a conditional if statement before printing the value in the ACF template file, such as:

if (get_field('field_name')) {
    echo get_field('field_name');

Add 0 instead of blank space in your empty custom field.

2 Responses to “Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) - "Copy Once" is copied every time if the translated custom field is empty”

  1. Hi,

    i’ve tried this workaround but it doesnt seem to work with my code:

    if (have_rows('formulieren')):
    while (have_rows('formulieren')) : the_row();

    ' . get_sub_field('formulier_titel') . '

    ' . get_sub_field('formulier_id') . '