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Reported for: Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 1.9.1

Overview of the issue

WPML together with Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual allows you to translate all your content created with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. You can also translate all your ACF interfaces, but that is usually not necessary, as everything is handled in the Advanced Translation Editor or Classic Translation Editor.

In short, we recommend you set the Field Group custom post type as Not Translatable.


If you don’t need to translate your Advanced Custom Fields interface:

  1. Go to WPMLSettings and scroll to the Post Types Translation section.
  2. Look for the Field Groups post type and set it as Not translatable.

Setting field groups as Not Translatable
Setting field groups as Not Translatable

8 Responses to “Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) - Field Group should be set as Not Translatable”

  1. Hi, when i translating Acf Theme options , i need to choose ‘Field Groups’ aa ‘Not Trabslatable’ in order to be able to switch to other language. Is that a bug ? , because if i need that option for field groups to be on ‘translatable’ I will not be able to translate ‘Theme Options” ?

  2. Not all field groups need to be translated, often. So setting the field groups as not translatable fully is NOT a solution.
    So now we get an awful fixed msg at the top of the admin panel, even though the configuration we have (translatable – use translation if available or keep original one if not) is perfectly fine for us.
    Please consider removing that notice ASAP or at least remove it for good after closing it once!!!

    • Hey there,
      Using that configuration is not recommandable for translating your ACF fields, however, once you close the warning it shouldn’t appear anymore. Could you please open a ticket our support forum?

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