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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.3.16

Resolved in: 4.3.18

Topic Tags: Language URL

Overview of the issue

Last WordPress 5.5 version introduced some  jQuery updates. This is making that when you try to set A different domain per language at WPML -> Languages -> Language URL format, it doesn’t display the fields for adding your domain names, thus you can’t finish your setup.

Furthermore, you won’t be able to select and add a new WPML Language switcher.


We have released WPML 4.3.18 version that should solve this situation. You’ll find more information about it here:

WPML 4.3.17 With Last-Minute Updates for WordPress 5.5


Keep in mind that WordPress core team also released a plugin which may help you handling this situation as it may affect other plugins or themes:

Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

2 Responses to “After WordPress 5.5 it is not possible to add our Language switcher or to use the "A different domain per language" option”

  1. Не помогло ничего!!! Ни обновление WPML 4.3.18, ни плагин Enable jQuery Migrate Helper, ни логаут админки…

    Вопрос был решен очень просто: зашел в админку сайта через

    И всё получилось! С любовью из Армении! Яндекс крут!

    • I’m glado to know that it worked! Sometimes it was needed to clear cookies or start a new WordPress session.