Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.3.6

Resolved in: 3.3.7


It’s impossible to change the Blog Title and/or Tagline in Settings -> General.

When the String Translation plugin is activated, it’s impossible to change the Blog Title and Tagline in Settings -> General. The string is not being updated in the String Translation table as well.


To be able to change Blog Title/Tagline, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WPML -> String Translation and delete the Blog Title/Tagline string from the table.
  2. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and deactivate the String Translation plugin.
  3. Go to Settings -> General, change the Blog Title/Tagline and save.
  4. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and activate the String Translation plugin again.
  5. Go to WPML -> String Translation and translate the new Blog Title/Tagline.

12 Responses to “Blog Title and Tagline can’t be updated when String Translation is activated”

  1. I’m having this same problem and the fix you described does not work for me. There is no “Blog Title/Tagline String”!

    • This fixed my problem,
      while string translation is enabled go to WPML>string translation> select string within domain> select WP
      there are 2 selected (tagline and title ) please delete them and try this again with instructions above.

  2. The workaround doesn’t help in my case either. The main tagline string isn’t saved in the main language. Any idea when this new version will be released?

  3. Hi,

    I have followed the steps suggested above, however when it came to the last step there is no new tagline to translate. The new one has not been added back into the table.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed?

  4. Hi

    I had the same problem with step 5; that the title and tagline did not reappear under WP in string translation after going through the other steps.

    I was able to resolve this by going to ‘Theme and plugins localization’, re-enabling ‘Translate the theme and plugins using WPML’s String Translation ‘ at the top under ‘Select how to translate strings in the theme and plugins’.

    Hope this helps you

  5. This has consumed two hours of my time trying to find out what the issue was. Even changed the string in the database all to no avail. Please publish the updated version so we can all save a few hairs. Thanks

    • James,

      Is the fix not working for you?

      If so, could you please report in our support forum so you can be helped in a faster time?

      We are working to close the release right now, so if there is any issue we didn’t notice, we need to be informed as soon as possible.


  6. When I’ve deactivated the plugin and changed the tagline – it saved it. But, when I reactivate the plugin, it changes the tagline back to the old (incorrect) one.

    • Hello Sergo,

      We will release a new version today, which will include a fix for this issue. If you still encounter issues after the update, please contact us via the support forum, where your case will be checked individually.

  7. I’m still having the same issue.
    In addition, the field where I should type the translated text is not stoping. It appear and disapear immediatly.

    • Hello ConstantG,

      We’ve released the new version today and it includes a fix for this issue. Please update WPML and String Translation. If you still encounter any issues, please contact us via the support forum, where your case will be checked on an individual basis.