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Resolved in: 4.4.0

Overview of the issue

There is an issue with the browser language redirection when your site has languages with similar language codes.

Let’s consider the following example:

  • You have languages with the language codes en_US and en_UK.
  • The user’s browser is set to the en_UK language.

In this case, when the user visits the site, they will not be redirected to the en_UK language version. Instead, they will get the en_US version.

The problem is caused by our javascript scripts that handle the redirection.


There is currently no workaround for this issue.

Our developers are working on fixing this.

WPML 4.4.0 Beta package

We’ve releassed a beta which should solve this issue. Please, keep in mind that it is a beta version which is under testing and shouldn’t be used in production sites. You can download it here:


9 Responses to “Browser language redirect issue with similar language codes”

  1. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese have similar codes: zh-hans and zh-hant. But they look very different and the confusion is embarrassing. Please get it solved! Thanks.

    • Hello there,

      We can’t provide you and ETA so far, but our developers are working hard to include a fix within WPML 4.4.0.
      However, it is still under testing.


    • Actually, our devs are planning to release a first beta next Monday. As you know, beta’s are not recommended for production sites, but you are welcome to give it a try on your staging site and share your findings. 🙂