The Flatsome theme features built-in extensions that enhance how the WooCommerce products are displayed. One of these extensions is Quick View, which provides a very convenient way to quickly preview product information in a modal window without navigating away from the product list.

However, if your user has selected a non-default currency or you have set another currency for the language that the user is viewing the page in, there are issues in displaying the correct price. This happens because the theme Flatsome uses custom AJAX action that gets the values and the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin requires using the appropriate API code for the custom AJAX actions.


Adding the following code to the theme’s functions.php file resolves the issue making the Quick View of the product to properly display the price in the secondary currency when selected.

add_filter( 'wcml_multi_currency_ajax_actions', 'flatsome_multi_currency_actions' );
function flatsome_multi_currency_actions( $actions ) {
$actions[] = 'flatsome_quickview';
return $actions;

2 Responses to “Using Flatsome theme’s Quick View on a product always displays price in default currency”

    • Hello
      Perhaps it would be best if you can open a new ticket in our support forum.
      I am not entirely sure what do you mean by fixing the price with quick search, and that problem – if related to the same plugin or another plugin or theme, may need further debugging in order for us to provide you the correct answer.

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