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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.6.1

Resolved in: 3.6.1


Sometimes, not all menus that exist in your site will be listed in the dialog to add a language switcher to a menu. Additionally, the language switcher is missing in the menu of secondary language.


This issue occurs with old installs where the term_id is not always equal to the term_taxonomy_id.

The problem will be fixed in a future release. Meanwhile, it is possible to manually patch the currently released version.

Step 1

Edit the file wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/classes/language-switcher/class-wpml-ls-settings.php on the line 267 and replace:

$menu_details = $this->sitepress->get_element_language_details( $menu->term_id, 'tax_nav_menu' );


$menu_details = $this->sitepress->get_element_language_details( $menu->term_taxonomy_id, 'tax_nav_menu' );

Step 2

Edit the file wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/classes/translations/class-wpml-menu-element.php on line 27 and replace:

return new WPML_Menu_Element( $element_data->element_id, $this->sitepress, $this->wpml_cache );


return new WPML_Menu_Element( $element_data->term_id, $this->sitepress, $this->wpml_cache );

20 Responses to “Not all menus are listed in the dialog to add a language switcher to a menu and menu language switcher does not show up in secondary language”

  1. Applying this fix makes the language switcher appearing in the primary language pages only, not in secondary languages…

    • Hi @yvesP-3 and @pabloV-7,

      We are aware of this second issue and we are working in it. We will update this errata as soon as we have a valid fix for it. Sorry the inconvenience!

      • This week we’re closing all issues and doing testing. An update will be ready by next week.

        WPML supporters are following this process for all reported bugs:

        1. Get the description from the client
        2. Provide a patch / beta version
        3. Get confirmation from the client that it’s working
        4. If not, escalate again to development with additional debug info

        I want to make sure that the solution that we have now works on your site. This will tell us that there aren’t cases that we’re not aware of. In the support thread where you got help for this (probably mentioned this errata), please ask the supporter to send you a development version with this fix. If you’re not comfortable enough to apply these fixes (which makes sense), WPML support will send you a ZIP file that includes the fixed version.

        Would you be able to do this? If you’re applying a dev version and still getting that problem, we need to know about it, so that we can check why and get it working for you too.

  2. Thank you, BUT…

    these substitutions show me and let me choose my “Main” menu in the new switcher menu language (I could not see it before), then the drop-down menu works properly on the site.

    But when I change the language, I can not get the product page (based on Woocommerce plugin):
    the (correct) links lead to a page 404 (but they were ok before, this site has been online since 2014).
    While the default language always works properly in all the site.

    Are there some more issues with the “URL format language”?
    In my case the first choice “Different languages in directories”.

    My customer is sharpening its knives…!

    Thanks for your assistance


  3. Hello Andrea and thank you for your feedback!

    I suppose you are experiencing a different issue. Can you please open a ticket on the support forum? You will get a more dedicated assistance.

    • Pierre, in the mean time is it possible to re-install (temporarily) a previous version of the plugin, or the last version made some changes in the database?


      • Andrea,

        We usually have some migration logic performed during the plugin update. Nevertheless, I think it should be OK. But to be honest, I can’t confirm 100% that downgrading will not affect your install.

        If you really want to downgrade, please take a full site backup previously.

        • No solution, the db apparently works with version but the issue with the woocommerce products still remain.
          But I actually don’t know how long the site has been affected by this issue.
          I will open a ticket.

        • I restored a backup, the easyer way to have the site working, waiting for a new release of the plugin (to be tested in a test site!)

  4. Hi yvesP-3,

    It’s hard to say. If you applied the full patch, it could be an issue specific to your install. In order to investigate this (and if not already done), could you please open a ticket on the support forum?

    Thank you!

  5. OK Pierre. The problem shows on Buddypress pages only, so maybe it is related to the Buddypress Multilingual pages. I go on on the support forum…