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Resolved in: WPML SEO 2.0

Overview of the issue

Rank Math SEO users have reported seeing incorrect entries for their secondary homepages in their sitemap `/page_sitemap.xml`.

For example, if your default homepage has the slug homepage and the translations are homepage-fr, homepage-it, then the sitemap shows:

  • (which is correct)
  • (incorrect as it should be
  • (incorrect as it should be

This should not adversely affect your SEO as WPML adds 301 redirects to these pages, and `alternate` tags on the homepage tell crawlers where the secondary language homepages can be found.


For full compatibility with Rank Math including a solution to this issue, make sure to install and activate the WPML SEO glue plugin.

2 Responses to “Rank Math SEO adds incorrect sitemap entries for translated homepages”

  1. I was suffering from this BUG and applied the workaround solving the problem. Thank you!

    I just ask you for clarification, for the future how should I behave with the code added in the functions.php file? Will I be able to get rid of it with the next updates of Rank math and WPML plug-ins?

    Thanks again for the support.

    • Hello Roberto,
      So far this needs some updates from both teams so it may take a while. We will post here once a release will include this fix.
      Thank you for your understanding.