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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.3.4

Resolved in: 4.3.6

Overview of the issue

After the WPML 4.3.0 update, some sites are displaying the “REST API is disabled, blocking some features of WPML” notice even though the REST API isn’t actually disabled.


While we are working on a fix to address this problem, you can temporarily disable this REST API detection feature by editing the functions.php file found in the ../wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/inc/ folder and at line 818 replace:

function wpml_is_rest_enabled() {
return make( WPMLCoreRESTStatus::class )->isEnabled();


function wpml_is_rest_enabled() {
return true;

13 Responses to “Wrong Notice: "REST API is disabled, blocking some features of WPML"”

  1. I find your instructions very confusing!

    In WordPress I see the message “REST API is disabled, blocking some features of WPML”. When I click on the link “more info” you say that “WPML only accesses the REST API as an authenticated user”.

    In your workaround you say that I should confirm that the REST API is not disabled. So I follow the instructions from Isabel Castillo and make sure that I am NOT logged in to my site. As expected I am getting the message “only authenticated users can access the REST API”.

    In my opinion your instruction doesn’t make sense when WPML only accesses the REST API as an authenticated user.

    So what do I do with WPML’s warning that REST API is disabled and that this blocks some features of WordPress itself and of WPML? I do have several problems with the functionality of WPML (especially with ACF), but I don’t know if REST API is responsible…

    Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Hi @olivierb-54, @jordiT-7 and @thibaultC-3.

    If this notice is not a “false” positive and you are stuck, I encourage you to open a support ticket and you will get a dedicated help.

    You can paste you support links here and we’ll try to prioritize it.


  3. I have a false positive issue, I haven’t seen any substantial errors other than I can’t update wpml even though it’s asking me to. Can I wait for your fix?

  4. I am having the same issues.
    First I got the same notice saying; “REST API is disabled, blocking some features of WPML”.

    Checked but the REST Api is not disabled.

    Now my site is giving the “internal error 500”.

    Beside that I noticed that I have to update my languages constantly.
    If I do the update for the language and after that go to another page in my admin I immediately get the update notice again.

    Really need help fast because my customers can’t use my site.

    • Please open the ticket on the support forum and describe your issue. Can you provide error logs there? Please also elaborate a bit more about updating languages constantly. I am afraid it is not completely clear to me.

  5. It didn’t help and my whole page was blown up! Since yesterday there is only a 404 error and a lot of information from people that the site is gone! WTF??

    • Please open the ticket on the support forum and provide information about your problem. It seems to be another issue, not related to the REST API Notice.