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Resolved in: 4.4.0

Overview of the issue

If you use manual translation, you should be aware that the CSS styles for the page elements from the original language are copied to the translation language.
This is not actually a bug, but intended feature as in order for everything to look correctly between languages, this is necessary.


You can override this functionality if you have WPML CMS version and by going to WPML > Settings > Custom XML Configuration and setting “_wpb_shortcodes_custom_css” field to be “copy-once” like that:

        <custom-field action="copy-once">_wpb_shortcodes_custom_css</custom-field>

and then re-translating the page in question

4 Responses to “Same CSS copied to translated page with Visual Bakery Composer Builder”

  1. Hi WPML-Team,

    in your forum and via google i find a lot of customers with this issue but if i copy the code to the wpml-config.xml it wont fix the problem.

    The inline css like paddings, margins, background images wont work on translated pages.

    It is in relation to the “icl_translation_of”-select-field. If I change it to “nothing” it works. But if i switch back to the “translation of XYZ” it wont work.

    Whats the solution for it with manually translation?

    And what is in this case the right configuration for “icl_sync_custom_posts_unlocked[custom_css]” in global settings?