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Reported for: Blog Beta Package 3.1.8-b4

Overview of the issue

Plugin/theme options screen always displays original value of string (value in default language).

In WPML 3.1.7 we introduced quicker way to translate admin strings related to 3rd party plugins and themes. User, being at options screen of plugin or theme can switch the language using Language switcher at the top menu bar and when this is done, he can provide translation for the original option. User don’t need to visit “WPML > String translation” to do this but this option is still available.

String translation provided as described above are saved in database as expected and correctly displayed in front end. However at options screen of plugin user will always see original value of this admin string. This might be confusing: when he will save translation and page will reload he will see again original value, which might suggest that nothing was changed.


Fixed in 3.1.8