Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.3.7

Resolved in: 3.3.8


Accessing a statically set home page in the non-default languages does not work. Depending on your theme, it either displays an Error 404 page, all blog posts, or a “Nothing found” message.

For example, can produce this issue if your setup meets the following conditions:

  • Browser language redirection is Enabled
  • You are using language as a parameter
  • If you set a static homepage


As a temporary workaround, you are advised to temporary switch off the browser language redirect option.

You can do that, by going to WPML -> Languages -> Browser language redirect and select the Disable browser language redirect option.

20 Responses to “Static home page issue with language as parameter and browser redirect”

  1. Hi,
    I do have exactly the scenario described in this post.
    Unfortunately the solution you described by switching off the ‘browser language redirect’ didn’t help at my site.
    Our site is a live site, can someone help us or have a look into our site?

    thanks in advance,

    • Hello Benjamin,
      If you still have issues with this exact problem, and this errata article does not help, then please do contact our support crew in the forums.
      We would love to help you, but we need to debug this issue further in order to be of a better help to you.

    • Hello Alexandra,

      The issue will be fixed in the next release of WPML, which we ae about to close.
      We will need to run some additional tests before we can release it, but we are working hard to release it as soon as possible.

  2. Hello! I encounter various problems with WPML plugin.

    1) I had to uninstall and reinstall WPML because in my bilingual website it was not possible to access from English page to the Dutch page (the little flag wasn’t appearing). The next day the flag reappeared all by itself without me doing anything.

    2) Lastly, it is not possible to go to Home page in Dutch departing from Home Page English with a simple click on the flag. First the button sends me to a blanc page, then with another click I can access to Dutch Home Page. I tried doing the procedure you describe above but it didn’t work for me. When I choose “Redirect visitors based on browser language only if translations exist or Always redirect visitors based on browser language (redirect to home page if translations are missing)”. I have the redirection from English Home page to Dutch Home page. But there’s still an existing blanck page in between.

    3) I always have the following message “WPML Add-On requires WP All Import Pro or Free and WPML Multilingual CMS. | Hide Notice” in my set up page eventhough I installed these two parts of the WPML plugin.

    How can I fix it? Thank you in advance

    • Hello Nicoletta,

      If you didn’t do anything to make it change, the first issue might have been caused by some caching problem.

      As for the second issue, it seems quite different from the one addressed by this errata.
      Would you mind creating a thread in the support forum, where we can ask for some more details?

      Lastly, the notice is shown not because you haven’t installed some WPML add-on, but because you didn’t install the “WP All Import” plugin.
      This is a misleading message we are going to fix in the next release of “WPML All Import” add-on.
      Anyway, if you are not using “WP All Import”, just disable the “WPML All Import” add-on and the message will go away.

  3. Now i didnt have this problem before until today when I updates several WPML plugins. Hope this gets fixed soon because automatic language selection is crucial.

    • Ton, we’ve released WPML 3.3.8, which should fix this issue.

      Please, if you still have issues, create a thread in our support forum, where we can assist you better.


      • Well i dont think the update fixed the problem. If I turn of browser language recognition the french homepage is not shown but a post page.

    • Hello Samuel,

      3.3.8 was supposed to solve this issue.

      Would you please create a thread in our support forum, so we can help you finding why the issue is still appearing in your case?


    • Hello oriolc,
      As my colleague responded in the comments above, this issue should have been fixed in WPML 3.3.8.
      If you still have the issue, please open a new ticket in our support forum so that we could investigate further and help you resolve the problem.