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After translating the slug for courses or lessons, you can’t display translated content. It gives a 404 error.


As a workaround for this issue, you can delete custom post type slugs coming from the Sensei plugin. Please note that this will only work if the default language of your site is set to English and the Language URL format is set to Different language in directories or Language name added as a parameter.

4 Responses to “Translating Sensei slugs causes 404 erros”

  1. Hey,

    when will the Bug “Translating Sensei slugs causes 404 erros” be fixed. Also how exactly do I to the following step “delete custom post type slugs” in the workaround.

    I can’t translate courses for my client and they are about to open the American market with there product. So this is very important for us.

    Thanks for your support

    • Hi please go to WPML > settings > post Types Translation and set the default slugs there, not custom ones. If this does not work please report that in our support forum.

  2. I have tried this, and even tried truncating the _icl_string tables. Still it is trying to translate the url slug for course to curso (es) and then hits a 404. Please help.

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