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Reported for: WPForms Multilingual 0.2.0

Resolved in: WPForms Multilingual 0.3.1

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

By going to WP FormsFancy FieldsEntry Preview, you can allow users to view a preview of the form before submitting it. However, the form labels and placeholder text in the preview do not appear translated.


Please, make a sure full backup of your site before proceeding.

  1. Edit the /wp-content/plugins/wpforms/pro/includes/fields/class-entry-preview.php file.
  2. Look for line 306 and just after:
    wpforms()->get( 'process' )->fields = [];
  3. Add this code:
    $form_data = apply_filters('wpforms_frontend_form_data', $form_data);

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