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Reported for: WP All Import Multilingual 2.3.0

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

Whenever you import content using WP All Import and the WPML All Import add-on, you will see the imported post translations perfectly on the front-end. However, you will encounter issues if you try to update them using WPML’s translation editors:

This is because when you import multilingual content, WPML does not create translation jobs, which are needed for string segmentation.


To edit or update your imported translations, please switch to the native WordPress editor and use manual translation.

4 Responses to “WPML All Import - Imported post translations don't appear in the Translation Editor”

    • Hello there,
      I’m afraid that it happens with both editors as explained in the overview of the issue. As a workaround, please switch to the native WordPress editor and use manual translation in order to edit or update your imported translations,

  1. Is it OK that we import the current contents to our new website under construction before you fix the issue? That means this issue is due to the WPML main plugin set, not due to the import plugin. Otherwise, should I wait the import process until you fix the issue?

    • Hello there,
      This fix may take some time. I recommend you to import your contents and then follow the workaround here provided.
      If you have any issue, please start a chat in our support channel. We will be happy to help you there.

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