WPML's Translation Management module makes it easy to manage the translations of the entire site, from one central admin screen. You will be able to assign translation jobs to your own translators, or outsource translation work to translation services. Related documentation:

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Missing Chinese Icon

Iniciado por: owenS en: English Support

2 7 hace 8 horas, 40 minutos


"There is a problem with the String Translation table in your site."

Iniciado por: gavinN-4 en: English Support

2 5 hace 12 horas, 19 minutos


Is there a way to ‘upgrade’ the plugins, without losing data

Iniciado por: gavinN-4 en: English Support

2 9 hace 12 horas, 21 minutos


Error "block contains unexpected or invalid content"

Iniciado por: michaelB-158 en: English Support

2 8 hace 12 horas, 26 minutos


Translation Constantly Loading

Iniciado por: bayaH en: English Support

2 13 hace 12 horas, 58 minutos


I can't find Save Button

Iniciado por: sinanB-2 en: English Support

2 2 hace 13 horas, 37 minutos


A message appears on top of the Spanish pages

Iniciado por: rohanJ en: English Support

2 2 hace 23 horas, 51 minutos


Not all fields are being translated

Iniciado por: jasonR-16 en: English Support

2 4 hace 1 día, 13 horas


XLIFF généré avec contenu cible dupliqué

Iniciado por: cecileG en: Assistance en français

2 3 hace 1 día, 21 horas


I don't understand email from you

Iniciado por: ninaR-6 en: English Support

2 2 hace 2 días, 6 horas


Duplicate translate products 1 2

Iniciado por: quentinH-2 en: Assistance en français

2 17 hace 2 días, 10 horas


The Filter in Classic Translation Editor Returns Wrong Language 1 2 3

Iniciado por: cwd en: English Support

4 36 hace 2 días, 12 horas


Images not showing after translation

Iniciado por: thibaultC-4 en: English Support

2 5 hace 2 días, 13 horas


Add a translator but when click save, it hangs as in the image attached.

Iniciado por: ubonratS en: English Support

2 2 hace 2 días, 14 horas


Add an option to bulk change the translation priority

Iniciado por: John-Pierre Cornelissen en: English Support

4 8 hace 2 días, 18 horas

John-Pierre Cornelissen