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Reported for: WPML String Translation 3.2.2

Overview of the issue

If you are a Toolset user, you will notice that there are some admin strings that are not available in WPMLString Translation and cannot be translated.


As workaround you can use the Auto-register strings for translation feature as explained in our documentation:

  1. Go to WPMLString Translation.
  2. Turn on the Auto-register strings for translation feature.
  3. Visit the Toolset admin page you want to translate.
  4. Go back to WPMLString Translation and turn off the Auto-register string for translation feature.
  5. Search for and translate your string.

2 respuestas para “Toolset - Admin strings are not available in String Translation”

  1. I have an unlimited plan, but my account is showing as expired. I have attached a screenshot of my account page for your reference.
    I would like to request that you please investigate this issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

    • Hello,
      your WPML account (the one attached to the email address you used to post this comment) expired on October 20, 2021. You need to renew it and then you will be able to use our support forum to open a new ticket for your issue. If you have other questions related to your account, please use this contact form. It will go directly to the person who can check the status of your WPML account.

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