WPML lets you arrange languages in virtual folders, different domains (or subdomains) or add a the language name to the URL. You should read the tutorial on language options to see how to configure WPML for each. If you want to have languages in different domains, you will need to do some setup in your web server and DNS, as described in the server setup for languages in domains FAQ. And, if you're running a multisite network for clients, read the multisite support of languages in directories guide.

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500 error

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the translite unavlabile in home page

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Bruno Kos

Language slug doesn't change after editting.

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Carlos Rojas

from "?lang=en" to "en"

Iniciado por: fabioA-21 en: Supporto in Italiano

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Diego Pereira

Translating Custom-URL-Menu and getting WPML working

Iniciado por: thomasP-41 en: Support in Deutsch

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Andreas W.

Rest API Prefix no longer works under 4.3.2

Iniciado por: jackS-7 en: English Support

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Bruno Kos

configuracion del servidor para idiomas en distintos dominios

Iniciado por: ricardoC-22 en: Soporte en Español

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GET parameter in url not used when switching between languages

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hreflang with 2 domains

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Using Directory Language but ?lang=xx Redirects to Random Post

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Quick solution available

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Linking from one page to its translation in the page body.

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WPML page is broken for no reason

Iniciado por: Lorry Gombos en: English Support

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Lorry Gombos

My primary domain is being redirected

Iniciado por: amrikA en: English Support

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Fehlerhafte Darstellung der URLs

Iniciado por: astridZ-2 en: Support in Deutsch

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Impossible d'afficher sélecteur de langue

Iniciado por: patrickC-36 en: English Support

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