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I don't see the translation basked at the documentation suggests

Iniciado por: richS-3 en: English Support

2 3 hace 3 horas, 39 minutos


Diferent domains per language / Images wont load on EN, DE versions

Iniciado por: emilP-4 en: English Support

2 3 hace 7 horas, 30 minutos


Footer translation not showing in blog posts

Iniciado por: melitaR en: English Support

2 7 hace 9 horas, 39 minutos


Translating Elementor Pro Testamonial

Iniciado por: Phillip en: English Support

2 8 hace 10 horas, 41 minutos


Some photos and color banner seems to disappear to some of my webpage translatio

Iniciado por: vasileiosZ-2 en: English Support

2 3 hace 11 horas, 13 minutos


There are some specific parts of the page that are not being translated.

Iniciado por: israelU en: English Support

2 4 hace 11 horas, 39 minutos


my homepage content ( excluding title,top menu, and footers) has disappeared.

Iniciado por: kevinD-24 en: English Support

2 2 hace 11 horas, 52 minutos


hello .. how i can solve this problem 1 2 3

Iniciado por: wandaL-2 en: English Support

2 36 hace 14 horas, 44 minutos


Cannot translate Mailpoet String

Iniciado por: fredericE en: English Support

2 5 hace 17 horas, 42 minutos


We have detected a problem with some tables in the database

Iniciado por: rodrigog-13 en: English Support

2 2 hace 17 horas, 43 minutos


The dashboard admin bar is not showing the language switcher

Iniciado por: raymondL-8 en: English Support

2 4 hace 17 horas, 59 minutos


Flags not showing up on menu

Iniciado por: stephenR-15 en: English Support

2 2 hace 18 horas, 11 minutos


Nav links in secondary language not opening

Iniciado por: maurizioG-5 en: English Support

2 3 hace 19 horas, 2 minutos


Can not translate WordPress Customizer elements

Iniciado por: patrikP-5 en: English Support
Quick solution available

2 11 hace 1 día, 17 horas


does not link to the corresponding secondary language pages

Iniciado por: Tom en: English Support

2 11 hace 1 día, 17 horas