WPML's Translation Management module makes it easy to manage the translations of the entire site, from one central admin screen. You will be able to assign translation jobs to your own translators, or outsource translation work to translation services. Related documentation:

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Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue

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WPML needs to generate .mo files

Iniciado por: zm-fruct-s.r.o.L en: English Support

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incorrect wordcount on automatic translation

Iniciado por: pavloZ en: English Support

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Carlos Rojas

This is what I wrote yesterday to Carlos. Who can help for life support?

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504 Gateway Timeout – Translation Management

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Error is: 508 Resource Limit Is Reached. 1 2

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Raja Mohammed

'Scan now and adjust links' finds 0 links to translate within post_content 1 2

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Doing Duplicate in Bulk is not working, when having marked more than 2 items

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Visual Composer text block is copied when update translation

Iniciado por: jeoffreyV en: English Support

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Translation Dashboard not allowing "Service" to be selected – only "Page"

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Error generating page categories Woocommerce with WPML translation management

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Translation manager doesnt appear. Cant even be downloadesd

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How to completely remove a language?

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Translation Constantly Loading 1 2

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Iniciado por: raffaelep-8 en: Soporte en Español
Quick solution available

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