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Este es el foro de soporte técnico de WPML, el plugin multilingüe de WordPress.

Todas las personas pueden leerlo pero solo los clientes de WPML pueden ingresar comentarios. El equipo de WPML responde en los foros 6 días a la semana, 22 horas por día.

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julio 21, 2017 a las 6:58 pm #1324785

andres montealegre

Hello i bought this plugin but i cant configure... I bought this plugin becouse, with that plugin i can translate my theme, put a currency switcher and put my website in diferents languages but i cant do it...
Can you help me with that ?

i have the buginformation... where can i put it ? thanks

julio 24, 2017 a las 7:37 am #1325410


Dear Andrés,
to paste your debug information please go to WPML > Support and click on the link “debug information”. This will open a screen where you will see a text box in grey filled with text.
You will find more information about this here:

Please copy the text and paste it into the box for the debug infos. This will allow us to see more details about your site.

To learn how to use the plugins, please check our documentation and videos to learn how you can use WPML to translate your themes and plugins.

We also have some documentation about how to tranlsate the WooCommerce Shop and how to use a multicurrency switcher.

Our documentation pages are available in english and spanish:

Kind regards,

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