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agosto 9, 2019 a las 5:33 pm


Estoy tratando de:

URL de (mi) sitio web donde aparece el problema: any product on my portolio/product page displays a 404 error: hidden link

Reporté del problema a mi servidor, y me indicaron lo siguiente:

"Hi Alberto,

Greetings from!

This email is to give you an update about the wordpress issue that we have escalated to our technicians. As per their advise, the 4104 error is due to the conflict with regards to the plugin called WPML. This plugins seems to translate the URL of the products as well.

You need to fix the Multilingual content setup to solve the issue. This 3rd party link may help:

Should you have anymore inquiries, please don't hesitate to reply on this email or contact us thru our 24/7 online chat to get instant answers to your questions.

Best regards


Por favor, podrían ayudarme a arreglar el problema?

No consigo hacerlo yo mismo

agosto 12, 2019 a las 8:11 am #4379073


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Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)


Para poder tener una tienda "multi-idiomas", necesitas instalar Woocommerce Multilingual.
Aquí más información:

Necesitarás también instalar/activar los módulos: WPML Translation Manageme y WPML Translation Media.

Por favor, sigue los instrucciones aquíL

agosto 13, 2019 a las 12:13 pm #4387833


por favor, comprueba que mis productos no están en woocommerce, sino que son elementos del "portolio" tienen nada que ver con el plugin woocommerce ni con una tienda online.

Por favor, ¿podrían darme una asistencia real que me ayude con mi problema? ¿Han comprobado bien lo que les digo en mi mensaje anterior??

Espero su respuesta

Un saludo

agosto 13, 2019 a las 12:33 pm #4388047


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Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)

Well - the URL you provided to me is not causing any 404 error (see image):
hidden link

And the problem ticket you referenced form our forum is about Woocommerce products.
So, are you having issues with woocommerce products or with a portfolio item?

Maybe you can provide an EXACT description of your issue with steps on how to replicate it on your site then I could better provide "asistencia real". ; )

agosto 13, 2019 a las 12:54 pm #4388209



the point is that it should not display the url: /wyde_portfolio/, instead it should be "/aceitunas-y-encurtidos", which is what i have set up on permalinks before...

yet, every few days, all the permalinks turn /aceiutnas-y-encurtidos/ into /wyde-portfolio/ again, displaying a 404 for no reason...

definitely there is a problem with the plugin on your side... did you check the email my hosting sent me? could you please help further or not?

agosto 13, 2019 a las 1:01 pm #4388263


hidden link look... it now displays a 404 error...

your plugin does not work well... could you please help further?

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-13 a las 15.01.14.png
agosto 13, 2019 a las 2:09 pm #4388741


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OK - I´m looking at this. There may be a compatibility issue but let me take a closer look first.

agosto 13, 2019 a las 2:27 pm #4388827


Languages: Inglés (English ) Español (Español )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)


I have been looking at this and here are my observations:

a. The "wyde-portfolio" slug is consistently added when I attempt to view the portfolio item from the portfolio listing panel.
e.g. Portfolio > All Items > View (any itejm)

b. The same item when viewed from the editor view, will work fine.
e.g. Portfolio > All Items > Edit > View Portfolio


1. Do you confirm these observations?

2. How are you viewing the portfolio items on the frontend? e.g. what template is being used to display your portfolio items?

agosto 13, 2019 a las 4:48 pm #4389743


sorry ivete, i am afraid i am not getting your observations...

if you click on: portfolio > all items > langostinos aliñados extra > edit... thats the url that appears in the backend:

hidden link

But if you go straight away in the website to the products page ("productos", which is where the portfolio actually is), and you click on the "langostino aliñado extra" product, this is the url you get, with a 404 error:

hidden link

I am enclosing you pics about the issue for both examples...

can you help me or not?

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-13 a las 18.47.41.png
Captura de pantalla 2019-08-13 a las 18.47.03.png
Captura de pantalla 2019-08-13 a las 18.46.46.png
agosto 14, 2019 a las 7:32 am #4392927


Languages: Inglés (English ) Español (Español )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)


The short answer is that I cannot help you immediately. This needs to go to our compatibility team for further investigation.

What I can see is that the problem lies with the pagebuilder element "Portfolio Grid" created by your Wyde theme. I´ve created a test page with just this element here:
hidden link

When the "wyde_portfolio" base appears, I´ve found that editing the page and re-saving it will ususally then make the correct permalink base appear again.

I can confirm, like you, that the shortcode works for a while, then the portfolio permalink base falls back to the default after a certain time. It seems like some kind of caching. I cannot say if it is with the WPML logic or the WYDE logic.

Currently WYDE is not included in the list of compatible themes:

Our protocol for "new" /"not yet compatbile" themes is to replicate this problem on a new sandbox site. Then we will escalate the site to our compatibility team for further work.

The resolutions to these kind of issues is not quick and sometimes will not ever reach a solution. The timing depends on the willingness of the theme author to collaborate with our team. Usually the final solution is delivered to you, a common client, by the theme author and not by us. Of course, if the issue lies on our end, we will deliver a solution or workaround as quickly as possible. This will come from the compatibility team.

Finally, you should be informed that the prioritisation of compatibility work is balanced against the number of clients using the theme, the development work on our own plugins, and the resources available to work on it.

Now, with this said, do you want to continue with the process of escalation? The next steps would be:
- loading your theme to a pre-configured sandbox site
- creating a sample page to demonstrate the problem.
- I would then escalate the site to our compatibility team

Please let me know if you agree to proceed or if you wish to find another solution on your own.

agosto 14, 2019 a las 8:22 am #4393357


Hi Yvette,

Todavía necesito ayuda,

Lo único que quiero es resolver el problema lo antes posible, y la frase "quizás no se resuelva nunca el problema", "depende de ti", "no eres prioritario" o "depende del trabajo que tengamos en el momento", me da a entender que no me vais a prestar la atención necesaria y no justifica nada la inversión que hice en el plugin pagando la licencia más cara...

El tema estoy seguro que debe ser compatible o la compatibilidad ya se solicitó en el pasado, ya que la web tiene alrededor de 2 años, se solicitó la compatibilidad en su momento y antes funcionaba todo perfectamente...

Por favor, ¿Vais a poder ayudarme o no?

Un saludo


agosto 14, 2019 a las 9:15 am #4393697


Languages: Inglés (English ) Español (Español )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)

I am going to write in English because I want to be able to express myself clearly with the correct tone. It may not be your intention, but your insistence that we do not want to help you by continuously asking "are you going to help or not?" is really not very productive. The insinuations that I am not able to help you also is not making anything work faster.

My job, indeed, is to help you. And to this end, I have applied our troubleshooting methods as trained. So please, let´s start assuming we are on the same team.

That being said, a theme can claim that it is compatible with WPML but that does not mean that it is. In your case, there is one pagebuilder element, in particular, that is not working as expected. This is a pagebuilder element created by your theme with Visual Composer API.

The *only* themes that we consider tested as compatible with our plugin are those found on this list:

I have also checked our internal database for any existing work with this theme author and I cannot find any open tickets.

And here is the list of Visual Composer shortcodes that are currently supported by WPML:

We are aware the some themes will deliver additional custom shortcodes, like your theme has. If this is not working as it should, this may be a new compatibility issue and our protocol insists that we then start the compatibility process from scratch which involves the steps I mentioned before.

So, the question is back to YOU. Are you willing to take the time to recreate the scenario in a sandbox site or not? Your other option is to work through the theme support and have them reach out to our development/compatibility team to sort out the problem.

If you are willing to open the compatibility process for this theme, then you can upload the theme to this sandbox site, create some portfolio items, and then create a sample page with the portfolio grid shortcode.

hidden link

agosto 14, 2019 a las 4:01 pm #4396583


sorry, it is not my intention to be rude, too insistent or anything...

At the end, i only want to use the plugin i paid for, which I am not able to at the moment for a reason beyond my responsibility...

Your "solution" is to recreate the site in a sort of "parallel digital dimension" i don't even get to understand well in order to make the necessary tests and everything, and eventually, solve the problem...

Ok then... I'm willing to collaborate and everything, but i am not a developer or anything like that and I dont want to spend so much time solving an issue i didn't cause and i am not responsible you can understand, a compatibility issue within your plugin (the one I paid for), is something that I understand is totally up to you to solve, since you are the one with the necessary expertise and the one providing the service I paid for in the first place... so in this sense, I hope you could get in touch with the theme developer, and get this fixed if possible please...

Hope you can provide me a solution in this sense as soon as possible...

Looking forward to hearing from you


agosto 14, 2019 a las 4:57 pm #4396803


Languages: Inglés (English ) Español (Español )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)

Sure - all you have to do at the moment is upload your theme´s zip file into the sandbox site.

I can do the rest of the required testing.

Please notify me when you´ve completed that.

agosto 15, 2019 a las 7:41 am #4399307


ok... just installed the theme now

Could you please check further?



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