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SearchWP is a recommended plugin thanks to its commitment to continued compatibility and partnership with WPML. SearchWP is fully compatible with WPML.


– Developed by SearchWP, LLC

Version 4.1.0

Last tested on: enero 13, 2021

SearchWP allows you to find any piece of content on your website without the need to write any code. This includes many fields that are normally ignored by native WordPress search, including eCommerce product details, custom field content, custom database tables, PDF and documentation content, shortcode output, taxonomy terms, and post title and content.

Search results are sorted by relevance and are displayed in exactly the same way as they were prior to activating SearchWP – the plugin simply expands the results shown.

It is worth mentioning that the free add-on for the plugin, «SearchWP Live Ajax Search«, is also compatible with WPML.