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SEOPress es un plugin recomendado que gracias a su compromiso de continuidad y asociación continuas con WPML SEOPress es totalmente compatible con WPML.


– Desarrollado por Benjamin Denis

Última prueba realizada el: enero 20, 2023

SEOPress is a freemium SEO plugin with an affordable PRO version that allows you to add Google structured data types, detect 404 errors, fix broken links, create XML video/news sitemaps, and integrate with WooCommerce and Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce to help you optimize your products.

SEOPress is built to be modular. This means you can turn off features you aren’t using to help speed up your site. Developers will appreciate that SEOPress provides more than 200 hooks and supports whitelabeling, even in the free version.

Please note: If your WPML site is configured to use different domains per language, SEOPress does not generate a sitemap for secondary languages. This has been added to SEOPress’s roadmap, but with no ETA yet.

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