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HTML tags are letters or keywords enclosed in <> brackets that define how a browser will format and display content.

How can I use HTML tags to format my content?

For example, let’s say you have some words in a paragraph you want to emphasize by putting them in italics. For this, you would use the emphasis, or <em> HTML tag:

<p>This is some standard text. And <em>this is in italics</em>.</p>

You can’t see HTML tags on the front-end, but your browser recognizes them and displays formatted text:

This is some standard text. And this is in italics.

To see the different HTML tags you can use, see the complete list of HTML tags.

How do I see HTML tags when translating content?

If you are translating content with formatted text using the Advanced Translation Editor, you’ll see the text in your default language highlighted with formatting markers. This is because the Advanced Translation Editor allows you to apply the same styling to your translations without actually having to edit HTML.

For step-by-step instructions on how to translate content with formatted text, see our documentation about HTML Markers.