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change account information on translation tool on WP site.

Started by: pyon-london-ltd in: English Support

2 3 1 hour, 23 minutes ago


Language Switcher showing up on pages without translations.

Started by: mikeE-8 in: English Support

2 16 3 hours, 56 minutes ago



Started by: hassanA-17 in: English Support

2 3 4 hours, 28 minutes ago


localization of the theme and the wpml plugins

Started by: gloria-veronicaA in: Supporto in Italiano

2 12 5 hours, 38 minutes ago


Página em branco na hora da ativação.

Started by: sestinicare-imp.-e-expotaCAo-e in: Suporte em Português

2 2 6 hours, 22 minutes ago


WPML effects loading pages of Virtual pos plugin

Started by: bekirK in: English Support

2 7 6 hours, 34 minutes ago

Marcos Vinicios Barreto

first language

Started by: maximilianoD-3 in: English Support

2 5 7 hours, 9 minutes ago


correggere stringa italiano

Started by: valerioc-4 in: Supporto in Italiano

2 3 9 hours, 6 minutes ago


traduzione stringhe template visual composer

Started by: razvanh in: Supporto in Italiano

2 8 9 hours, 8 minutes ago


Undefined index loader . php on line 101

Started by: przemyslawZ-3 in: English Support

2 2 9 hours, 59 minutes ago

Carlos Rojas

key of wpml not working and not update

Started by: davide-43 in: English Support

2 2 10 hours ago

Rohan Sadanandan

After dB migration via WP Migrate dB Pro, string translations are not working

Started by: Lynn Okulanis in: English Support

2 3 10 hours, 31 minutes ago

Lynn Okulanis

Sistema corrotto all'attivazione del plugin sitepress_multilingual

Started by: marcoG-47 in: Supporto in Italiano

2 8 10 hours, 54 minutes ago


Problemi con il menu e WPML

Started by: marcoG-47 in: Supporto in Italiano

2 2 10 hours, 56 minutes ago


Warning: Creating default object from empty value in

Started by: mariaM-45 in: Поддержка на русском языке

2 5 12 hours, 34 minutes ago