WPML lets you arrange languages in virtual folders, different domains (or subdomains) or add a the language name to the URL. You should read the tutorial on language options to see how to configure WPML for each. If you want to have languages in different domains, you will need to do some setup in your web server and DNS, as described in the server setup for languages in domains FAQ. And, if you're running a multisite network for clients, read the multisite support of languages in directories guide.

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Can I change the URL '?lang-any' manual to something without '?lang' ???

Started by: willem Buijze in: English Support

2 3 1 day ago

willem Buijze

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Massimiliano Aiello

Custom URL Structure for multiple translations

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Не корректный URL в украинской версии сайта

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Sembra che la creazione di directory diverse per ogni lingua non funzionerà.

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Double slash in URL & 500 error on activating Multisafepay 1 2

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Events Calendar: Slugs not correctly associated

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error directorios

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Andreas W.

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Domain Mapping with subdomain WPML

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Multidomain and Gutenberg issues 1 2

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