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(13) Batch doesn't contain any jobs

Started by: pierreb-3 in: English Support

2 10 21 minutes ago


debug – WP Residence 1 2

Started by: peterE-28 in: English Support

2 22 2 hours, 43 minutes ago

Raja Mohammed

Translation Management service does not see right language definition

Started by: serged-3 in: English Support

2 8 14 hours, 45 minutes ago


Can't send content for translation with language code pt and change pt-pt to pt

Started by: Translate Media in: English Support

3 12 20 hours, 56 minutes ago

Translate Media

I receive a Bad Gateway error when fetching translations from MemoQ.

Started by: addyM-2 in: English Support

2 3 1 day, 6 hours ago


Editing oiriginal page after ICL translation erases media translations 1 2

Started by: agnesL in: English Support

2 24 1 day, 19 hours ago

Bruno Kos

Jobs are not getting synced

Started by: Sven in: English Support

2 5 1 day, 19 hours ago


Smartcat integration: "Job batch is canceled"

Started by: Anton Lysak in: English Support

2 2 1 day, 22 hours ago

Ahmed Ibrahim

ICanLocalize migration could not complete

Started by: John in: English Support

2 8 2 days, 18 hours ago


MemoQ: When clicking on "check batch status" right after sending the batch is cancelled

Started by: gergelyH in: English Support

3 8 2 days, 20 hours ago

Ahmed Ibrahim

Client using WPML is not receiving our translations via Memoq

Started by: warrenJ-2 in: English Support

2 2 3 days, 7 hours ago


Current content not sent to translation service

Started by: lawrenceW-5 in: English Support

3 12 6 days, 19 hours ago


New translated pages not showing 1 2

Started by: Lucy in: English Support

2 24 1 week ago


How to understand offering of a translation service

Started by: Axel Kramer in: English Support

2 4 1 week ago

Mihai Apetrei

Problem with permission

Started by: Pascal in: English Support

2 2 1 week, 1 day ago