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In order to run multilingual sites with WooCommerce, you need to have our WooCommerce Multilingual plugin installed. The WooCommerce Multilingual page includes detailed documentation for setting up your multilingual e-commerce site. When you report issues or ask for help, make sure to tell us the versions of everything you are running. This should include:

  • WPML
  • WPML modules that you are using
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Multilingual

Status Topic
Supporter Voices Posts Freshness
Mostrare i prodotti non tradotti nella lingua secondaria (inglese)

Started by: alessioM-3 in: Assistenza in italiano

2 6 14 minutes ago


WooCommerce product images not duplicating on translated pages

Started by: mohammadS-8 in: English Support

2 14 31 minutes ago


Problème de string de traduction

Started by: pierre-louisC in: Assistance en français

2 4 1 hour ago

Max Kovalenkov

Products go to out of stock even if not out of stock

Started by: casperH-5 in: English Support

2 11 1 hour, 45 minutes ago


Products missing on both sides

Started by: frankK-24 in: English Support

2 7 1 hour, 54 minutes ago


Translating products now also includes Category Text 1 2

Started by: casperH-5 in: English Support

3 21 2 hours, 1 minute ago


Product description disappeared

Started by: dianaR in: English Support

2 4 2 hours, 22 minutes ago


Sale price not synchronizing between languages 1 2

Started by: sebastiaanF in: English Support

2 19 3 hours, 8 minutes ago


If the WMPL is activated then it is not possible to edit Woocommerce variations.

Started by: Janek in: English Support

2 11 3 hours, 43 minutes ago


Warenkorb wird nicht angezeigt

Started by: martinK-70 in: Unterstützung in Deutsch

2 6 3 hours, 48 minutes ago


woocommerce wpml issue when putting product to a cart and changing language

Started by: jose-luisd-3 in: English Support

2 2 4 hours, 17 minutes ago

Christopher Amirian

Product variations disappear on frontend in default language (Dutch)

Started by: kcpv in: English Support

2 10 4 hours, 24 minutes ago


Transaltion of products not created in Rest API

Started by: Xavier in: English Support

2 11 4 hours, 28 minutes ago


REST API Custom endpoint returns price in default currency

Started by: ondrejd-2 in: English Support

2 3 4 hours, 39 minutes ago

Dražen Duvnjak

Paypal retrieves the prices from the other domain

Started by: juan-pabloP-8 in: English Support

2 12 5 hours, 2 minutes ago