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Problem: Contact Form 7 – Secondary language form submission fails

Solution:Switcth to *Language name added as a parameter* option for *Language URL format*

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May 9, 2018 at 12:04 am #2042109


Hello there,

I am trying to use the workaround for the known issue 'Contact Form 7 – Secondary language form submission fails'.

I added the line to my theme functions.php file:
add_filter( 'wpcf7_load_js', '__return_false' );

With this added, the primary and secondary language forms all refresh on submit and have a suffix on the end of the page url hidden link

Without the snippet in functions.php, the primary form works and sends an email and the secondary form hangs on the spinner, no email is sent

Thank you

May 9, 2018 at 9:55 pm #2062219

Ricardo Alday


With WPML it is only happening when you are choosing *Language name added as a parameter* option for *Language URL format*. The workaround snippet works in most cases but in can cause some unexpected behavior because it essentially disables CF7 javascript. Please try the following steps after a backup and check you are still having the issues.

1) Visit WPML>>Languages
2) Choose *Different languages in directories* option for *Language URL format*
3) Save the changes.

Normally you will not lose data or configuration while switching *Language URL format*. But please try it after a site backup and let me know if it works.


May 10, 2018 at 10:43 am #2069742


Hi Ricardo,

This worked but the problem I am facing now is that all the Greek pages have been indexed by Google with the previous URL format. Is it possible to correct this?


May 10, 2018 at 3:34 pm #2076052

Ricardo Alday

Switching language URLs is trivial to do but you are right that it has repercussions that need to be carefully handled.

All of the generated links—in your menus, for example—will automatically switch to the new format.

But where you have manually added links to posts or hard-coded links in your template files, then these may need to be changed manually.

If you have inbound links to your site then these will break unless you set up 301 redirects, either directly in your server settings, by editing your .htaccess files, or by using a plugin to manage the 301 redirects for you.

For SEO purposes, you might not need to. Check this document from google for background: hidden link

WPML adds hreflang tags to posts so that Google is aware of each of the different translations of the same post. If your sitemap is for your default language and links to just one of those posts, then when google crawls the site in the header of that post it will find the hreflang tags to each of the alternate versions.

I'm not an SEO expert but my judgement is that a sitemap linking to a post and the post itself linking to each of the translations should have you covered.

When your site has been live for some time with your sitemaps and translations available, you should hopefully be able to confirm that when searching in alternate languages.

You should know that it takes Google time to recrawl your site. Sometimes it takes even up to a month. So you should be patient with this.
But there is another thing that you can try to and see if it helps and this is sending these pages to Google via the Google Search Console and thus re-submit the page(s) to Google.

Hope that helps,

May 23, 2018 at 3:56 am #2212618


Hi Ricardo,

l’ve managed to set up all redirects(301) necessary with the help of the Yoast plugin. Now everything works like a charm.

Thank you for your valuable help!